Doing the same old thing...

For many years I dragged myself out of bed to early for anything good to happen to get out and train.  The results were predictable.  I got in to incredible  shape with a resting heart rate of 35 BPM, blood pressure 110/48 and 10% body fat.  Was all the work worth it.  Damn yes.  Now fast forward two decades and an unfortunate date with a boulder and my knee, while mountain bikiing at Wissahichon.  Left me me with a busted tibia and a 10 week vacation from training.  Do you you know how out of shape you can get in 10 weeks?  Really out of shape.  I am not going to share with you how long it took to get back in to some kind of reasonable physical condition.  Just say, way too long.

Are you struggling to get fit.  Feel better.  Get back to your college weight.  Then there is no better time than to start today.  I suggest start first with what you put on your dinner plate. Eighty percent of weight loss is what you put in your mouth.  There are tons of resources on the web.  I personally feel the best when I eat mainly paleo (yes its a fad, but a good fad).  The easiest way to think about food: the fresher the better (no cans, boxes or bags),  if it's white it probably should be avoided (sugar, flour, white potatos, dairy).  I belive that drink when you are thirsty and eat when you are hungry.  Also, single ingredient foods, like broccolli, just broccolli are the best. The more ingredients the more processed and less nutrious.

For excersie, start slow.  If you are totally sedentary start with a 10 to 20 minute walk 3times a week.  If you have a history of being active start with the thing you like to do most, start slow and progressive.  I like to cycle, so I cycle.  If you need any help in getting started, get in touch, I can guide you to the resources that will get the ball rolling.

If that nagging old sports injury, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder injury is stopping you.  Give the office a call and I'll give you my opinion on a plan of action to get you on the road again.  By the way a consulatation is no cost to you.

"If you want different results you have to change what you are doing." 

Richard R. Cobb, DC "Dr. Cobb has been in practice since 1982. During those years he has developed the expertise help people with an variety of health problems. i.e. low back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, sports performance enhancement"