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Chiropractors consider nutrition to be an essential part of their care, as getting the proper nutrients prevents illness and promotes natural healing of disease. Dr. Richard R. Cobb at Cobb Chiropractic in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, tailors his nutrition counseling sessions and supplement recommendations to each patient's health needs. Contact him today to learn how chiropractic treatments and proper nutrition work hand-in-hand to heal your health problems and ensure optimal wellness.

Nutrition Q&A

How does nutrition benefit chiropractic patients?

Nutrition is used to complement your chiropractic care because a well-nourished body is fully functioning and more likely to heal. Good nutrition can help:

Enhance recovery from injury or illness: When you’re sick, injured, or under any type of stress, the body needs extra nutrition because stress quickly depletes nutrients. Getting a boost of nutrition also supports the healing process, even if you’re not deficient.

Treat nutritional deficits: Every cell in your body and every biochemical function that provides energy rebuilds tissues, and keeps you healthy depends on an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Reduce systemic inflammation: Dietary changes can effectively lower inflammation, which helps alleviate pain and prevents chronic disease.

Treat chronic health conditions: Making a change in diet is the first line of treatment for many chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis.

Why is nutrition so important when you want to lose weight?

Choosing healthy foods and getting adequate nutrition while cutting calories is the key to losing weight. It’s important to be sure you get essential vitamins and minerals because they keep your metabolism running.

Focusing on nutrition during weight loss is also important because people who are overweight often have nutrient deficiencies. When you reduce the amount of food you eat, deficiencies may get worse if you don’t pay close attention to nutrition.

Studies show that the quality of the food you eat influences your weight. Nutrient-rich foods – vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, yogurt, and healthy sources of protein and fats – are associated with weight loss. On the other hand, potato chips, refined grains, and sugar-sweetened beverages are strongly associated with weight gain.

What is nutrition response testing?

Dr. Cobb uses Nutrition Response Testing™ to identify underlying weaknesses in your body and to develop a nutrition program designed to improve the problem. During the test, the doctor lightly pushes against your extended arm, and you resist the pressure to prevent your arm from being pushed down.

While Dr. Cobb continues pushing against your arm -- and while you continue to resist -- the doctor uses his other hand to gently push on precise pressure points around your head, neck, and abdomen. If your arm weakens in response to a pressure point, then the body part associated with the pressure point may lack nutrients.

Homeopathic tests kits are used to determine the specific nutrients you need, then Dr. Cobb develops an individualized treatment plan, and recommends a diet and supplements based on your unique needs.