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Your shoulder is one of the most vulnerable joints in the body so that pain can develop for many reasons, ranging from an injury to regular wear-and-tear. Early chiropractic treatment from Dr. Richard R. Cobb at Cobb Chiropractic in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, relieves the pain and helps ensure you maintain full mobility. If you have shoulder pain or you’ve lost some arm movement, contact him to schedule an appointment, as prompt treatment can help prevent pain from worsening.

Shoulder Pain Q&A

What causes shoulder pain?

Your shoulder joints are supported by ligaments and muscles that make up the rotator cuff, but they’re still vulnerable to injury because they’re designed to allow full rotation of your arm. The repetition of normal daily arm movement and the stress of activities leads to wear-and-tear that may cause pain. These are some of the most common causes of shoulder pain:

  • Injury to soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments)
  • Inflammation from repetitive movement (bursitis, tendonitis)
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Degenerative disease (arthritis)
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Calcific tendonitis

When should you see a chiropractor for shoulder pain?

Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s safe to treat pain at home and wait for it to improve, or whether it needs attention from a doctor.

Get immediate medical attention at your local urgent care center or emergency department if your shoulder pain was caused by an injury and you experience:

  • Intense pain
  • Sudden swelling
  • Shoulder joint appears deformed
  • Not able to use the joint or move your arm away from your body

Make an appointment to see Dr. Cobb if you have:

  • Signs of infection (swelling, redness, warmth)
  • Shoulder pain that persists when you’re resting
  • Shoulder pain that lasts more than a few days
  • Recurring shoulder pain
  • Difficulty holding objects
  • Reduced arm function

What chiropractic treatments relieve shoulder pain?

Dr. Cobb often uses kinesiology tape for shoulder pain. When the tape is correctly applied, it reduces stress and pain in the shoulder and helps support the shoulder in a normal position. It also creates more joint space, which eliminates pressure in the sensitive area.

Myofascial techniques also work well for relieving shoulder pain. This type of chiropractic technique is done with gentle massage and stretching that relaxes tension and tight tissues. As a result, shoulder motion improves, and pain is reduced.

Many other chiropractic techniques are also used for shoulder pain. Adjustments of the spine, neck, and shoulders improve circulation, ensure nerves work properly, maintain normal balance, and relieve tight muscles and ligaments. Functional rehabilitation is often used to rebuild strength and improve or maintain range of motion.

Dr. Cobb may also teach exercises you can continue to do at home to maintain strength and avoid problems in the future. He also considers your posture and ergonomic issues, like whether your computer keyboard and monitor are at the appropriate height to prevent shoulder stress.