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Maintaining the body’s ability to heal itself while working at maximum efficiency are two goals that align with athletic performance at any level. From weekend quarterback to world-class elite, Dr. Richard R. Cobb of Cobb Chiropractic in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, provides chiropractic sports medicine with your treatment and performance goals in mind. The goal of our chiropractic care is to ensure you spend your time on the field or court while achieving your own top levels. Call the office or request an appointment online today to investigate our services.

Sports Medicine Q&A

What is chiropractic sports medicine?

Any treatment that’s performed on you related to a sports injury or toward improving your musculoskeletal performance can be considered chiropractic sports medicine. The purpose of chiropractic adjustments is to restore balance to your body’s musculoskeletal system, which is exposed to strains and rigors through any sports participation, even if you’re not injured.

The movements and forces exerted during any sports activity or physical training can take a toll on your body. Competitive runners, for example, may put in over 200 miles every week preparing for events. Even if you spend only a few hours a week at your level, you still experience stresses that a sedentary person may not. Therefore, the approach and particular adjustments you may require could differ from the average chiropractic patient.

How is sports medicine different than conventional medicine?

Though many of the treatments are similar between sports and conventional chiropractic care, the biggest differences in sports medicine are the approach to treatment and the typical health of the patient. In conventional care, chiropractic patients tend to seek treatment when there’s an injury; a sprain, strain, or other musculoskeletal issue causing pain. The patient seeking sports care may be in better health overall, seeking to speed recovery time or maximize the mechanical performance of the body.

Dr. Cobb approaches sports medicine outcomes differently than results for conventional patients. This is partly due to the attitudes of the athlete themselves and their goals for performance. Perhaps you’d like to play tennis several times a week, but recovery from a single day interferes with your ability to play more often. Pain relief, while still important, becomes a secondary treatment goal, behind recovery and endurance. This could alter Dr. Cobb’s approach to treatment in both short and long-term perspectives.

Are there chiropractic procedures exclusively for sports medicine?

Specific chiropractic procedures depend on the condition of the patient, the intent of treatment, or the location of an injury. While the procedures themselves are common between patients, Dr. Cobb’s choice and application may vary when treating a sports medicine patient. About 80% of world-class athletes use chiropractic procedures, not for injury recovery, but for injury prevention and boosted performance.

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